Wisconsin's Famous Cream Puffs...now brought to you by Illinois!

Wisconsin's official State Dessert, the Cream Puff!
Now brought to you by....Illinois!
 WISN reports:
Illinois-based Prairie Farms is the new official cream supplier of the Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs.

The fair needed a new supplier after Golden Guernsey went out of business in January.
More Wisconsin money and jobs flushed down the Scott Walker pipeline to poverty.  I'm sure the Golden Guernsey workers who've been unemployed since January are thrilled with this news, especially as they listen to Walker continue to plan news ways to punish the unemployed and talk about how we have the jobs - just not the skilled workers to fill them.  Sorry, workers! If you weren't so unskilled, you'd still be making those cream puffs!  It's your fault!  Scott Walker's policies are working, haven't you heard? Why else would he be so busy running for President instead of staying in Wisconsin trying to do something about the fact that thanks to his "pro-business/anti-worker" policies, Wisconsin ranks 44th of 50 states in job creation?

Wisconsin workers need JOBS, not more skills.  Read the truth on the skills gap myth here and here, and let your legislators know you'd rather see a JOBS bill than more insulting attempts to pad Walker's dismal records by pushing people off unemployment.

You can visit the Original Cream Puffs facebook page to tell them what you think of their decision to contract with an out-of-state supplier to provide cream puffs for the Wisconsin State Fair.  Here's what I told them:
I'm disappointed with the decision to contract with an Illinois company to produce Wisconsin's state dessert. I see you're emphasizing that they use "real Wisconsin cream" - but this is a poor substitute for "real Wisconsin jobs."

Wisconsin 2011 Senate Bill 100, in all its formerly proud glory. 
The declaration was a piece of legislation that came out of Walker's Special Jobs Session - which Sandra Holmes reminds us did not produce a single jobs bill.

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  1. The Cream Puff is now an embarrassment to Wisconsin. We are the laughing stock of the country, the dairy state outsourcing our whipped cream contract. It was bad enough when we outsourced our student records.