about monologues of dissent

Dear lovers of hyperbole and complaint,

I love writing. I love justice. I love irony of every kind - but especially satire, parody and lying. And I really, really love hyperbole. More than anything.

Except maybe the artful and informed complaint.

My motto, in a nutshell, is "if you can't find something nice to say, then you've identified a topic about which you are morally obligated to speak at length."  And I have slowly learned to embrace - as a rare and precious gift - what many people wrongly consider to be my (undoubtedly tragic) flaw: an uncanny ability to find the bad in everything, and a biting, biting tongue.

So...enjoy! This is a blog about politics and parenting, mainly, which uses monologues to promote dialogue and debate.  So please comment, share, follow, like, etc. And come back for more! You have my personal guarantee that I'll never run out of things to complain about.

Heather DuBois Bourenane,
monologist and purveyor of fine advice

Raise your hand if you're not afraid to ask a question.
Raise your voice if you're not afraid of free speech.
Raise some hell if you're not afraid to change the world.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice,
you have chosen the side of the oppressor."
- Archbishop Desmond Tutu


  1. According to this loving, Christian, patriotic woman, you are a Commie Mommy.


    I truly hope you win. You deserve it for having to deal with this haters.

    1. Christianity is antithetical to communism. Communism is part of leftist ideology. I see no reason why this woman should not have referred to Heather as a commie mommie. Heather describes herself as "leftist, very leftist." Ok, she is proud of it, what's the problem? Socialism devolves into Communism because of forced outcomes by would-be rulers, masterminds, if you will. I hope this clears up the emotional reaction you had to the suggestion that Heather may be Communist, or at least Communist-leaning, or leftist-leaning ideologically. That said, good luck!

  2. Hello there - I like your blog a lot and started a blog for my mother that I think you would appreciate. Sounds like you two may have a lot in common. Her site is MyPoliticalMom.org and here is a few sentences of a response she sent to the republican party based on a letter she received in the mail:

    I would like to thank you for sending me this pamphlet. It helped me understand why poor and ignorant people protest and vote against their own interest.

    If that all they read and if only listen to Rush and only watch FOX, so called news, is no wonder they have such distorted view of how things are.

    Republicans are masters in telling lies and half-truths. They cannot win by telling the truth and presenting the facts. They cannot sell a party that strayed so darn far from where it used to be. A party, which many of us respected even, if we do not agree with their point of view.

    Since day one, you conspire to derail Obamas presidency. You said it your self. The Senate Minority leader declared clearly & unequivocally that, in the middle of our worst economic crisis since the great depression, when we needed all hands on deck and the cooperation of all us in order save our country, his job was to make him one-term president. You placed all kinds of roadblocks in front of all his efforts to correct the mess that Bush and your Party left behind. You filibustered the Democratic proposals, which were designed to bring our country back, more than any time that I can remember and, believe me I go quite ways back. Your are responsible for the firing of thousands of civil servants (teachers, firefighters and policemen) and you have the nerve to ask “where are the jobs Mr. President?”

    Just a small sample. Keep up the good fight.