Habitrons, and other things our Capitol is not 5 March 2011

Dear Mr. Walker,

The chant "Walker is a weasel, not a badger" has earned a special resonance this week as you continue to scurry in and out of the Capitol in secret, hiding from your constituents and deluding yourself about your alleged "popularity" by only allowing people with whom you agree to come within 1000 feet.  In a way, I don't blame you. It must be terribly embarrassing to take such a foolish and stubborn stance.

However, I must insist that you add your efforts to usurp our Capitol as your palace  to the list of unconstitutional activities for which you will be impeached, and hopefully, criminally prosecuted.

"The Legislature cannot prohibit an individual from entering the capitol or its grounds 59 Atty. Gen. 8." --The Wisconsin Constitution, Article 1 Section 4

In the face of the refusal of even the police to serve as your rat king guards, I would hope that you take this opportunity to apologize to the people of Wisconsin for stealing our house, and pretending it belongs to you and the party of the rich.  Knowing you will not do so, I ask that you strongly consider resigning.

Knowing you're unlikely to read this in the next few hours, I may or may not see you this afternoon, when my children and I will be shouting outside - and inside - the Capitol building. I'll be the one screaming "Whose house? OUR HOUSE!" and "Negotiate, not legislate!" My kids will likely be shouting "Walker is a weasel, not a badger." That's one of their favorites, for obvious reasons.

The sooner you resign the better for this state, and for this country,

Heather DuBois Bourenane

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