What happened in Madison while you were at the country club

Yesterday's rally was full of these slobs.
6 March 2011
Dear Mr. Walker,

I was sorry to miss you yesterday, but pleased to see that the good people of Columbus gave you a fitting "welcome" as you once again avoided your gubernatorial duties for some country club hobnobbery with your teabagger supporters in yet another history-revising celebration of Ronald Reagan. 

I'm guessing you probably choose to avoid the gazillion images of protesters in Madison, and I'm sure you heard by now that the Koch brother-funded "Americans for Prosperity" bus tour was a total wash, so let me fill you in on some of my favorite signs and scenes from the rally in Madison yesterday, which generally sum up why you are so universally hated by anyone who both thinks and has read your public-school destroying, union-busting, environment disrespecting, woman-hating, working-class tromping bill:
  • 100% of teachers are more educated than Scott Walker
  • Don't use my taxes to send rich kids to private schools. Fund public education.
  • Save Recycling. Trash Walker.
  • I am not a slob
  • We will never go away
  • Care about educators like they care for your child
  • Not union, not public employee, but also not insane, not cruel, not greedy, not rich, not misinformed. KILL THE BILL.
  • Why does Scott Walker hate my teachers?
  • I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny or Walker's "Silent Majority"
  • Wisconsin is not for sale
  • Walker's report card: High-speed rail, F. Public education, F. Plays well with others, F-.
  • Stop the war on workers
  • Leadership, not dictatorship
  • Negotiate, not legislate
  • This is what democracy looks like
  • Democrats think the glass is half empty. Republicans think the glass is theirs.
  • You shame us.
  • The people, united, will never be defeated.
I saved that one for last because it was my own, and because it is true. The hard-working, tax-paying people of Wisconsin, Mr. Walker, will continue to stand against you until you renegotiate this bill, or (and, again, I can't stress this enough - preferably) resign. 

Resigning would save everyone a lot of trouble, since the recall is inevitable and you don't stand a chance. Quit now, like your hero, Sarah Palin. I'm sure your friends the Koch brothers could chip in for your spin machine to make this move attractive to your poor, deluded "base" (and I use the term base here in the most derogatory way; it has two meanings, look it up). Maybe you could go be a lobbyist or a FOX "news analyst" or something. Or maybe you want a break from the public sphere, until things cool down and people stop comparing you to Hitler and Hosni Mubarak, or at least until my four-year-old daughter stops describing you as "you know, Scott Walker, that guy with the mean face who locks the people out of the Capitol." I'm sure you can find some new work out there. Not as a teacher, of course, since you don't have a degree, but there should be plenty of job opportunities around here once we get our Blue State status back.  Maybe you can help build the high-speed rail.

And just think of it, once you resign, you can spend even more frolicking at country clubs while working people suffer, and not have to feel guilty about it, or receive unpleasant emails from perfectly good people who find you so deplorable, so thoroughly revolting, so wholly unqualified and incompetent, that they cannot even address you without feeling slightly nauseous, and infinitely furious.

Until you resign,
Heather DuBois Bourenane
The cheese, united, will never be defeated.
We know you're not from Wisconsin, but has anyone seen the actual birth certificate?

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