Your contempt for the people of Wisconsin. 4 March 2011

Dear Mr. Walker,

Your refusal to even acknowledge receipt - much less respond - to any of the many messages I have sent you in recent weeks speaks volumes of your general contempt for the citizenry of Wisconsin.

Perhaps you refuse to answer my messages because I am a teacher, and therefore in your view, undeserving of attention and below your station. Perhaps it's because I'm in TWO unions and therefore doubly toxic to the welfare of this state, since I both pay taxes AND contribute two-fold to my own benefit packages. Or perhaps it's because I'm a graduate student and therefore just another example of the "60s hippie Madison liberal" that put this state on the national map as a beacon of progressive values. Perhaps it's because I'm a woman, and incapable of making decisions or contributing to public conversations (say, about whether or not I should have sex, or get pregnant, or receive health care). Perhaps it's because you cannot read, which would explain in part your complete disregard for the Constitution of our state. If the latter is true, I am happy to recommend a community literacy program.

Perhaps you care so little about what we have to say that you think you can simply ignore us, even as you continue to insult us with your daily press sessions.  Good luck with that.

We are not going anywhere. We will continue to insist upon the restoration of our rights and dignity until you agree to engage in dialogue, or, and preferably, resign.

Signed, a productive member of civil society and fierce advocate of your resignation,

Heather DuBois Bourenane

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