Letter from Cindy Melendy in opposition to SB 22

a powerful letter against the "charter school bill" by a smart, active, informed Wisconsin parent

Dear Senators Darling, Olsen, Lazich, Vukmir, Kapanke and Galloway; and Representatives Vos, Kestell, Marklein, Van  Roy, Kleefisch,Pridemore, Bies, Nass, Honadel, Ballweg, Knodl and Mursau,

I am writing in opposition of SB 22. I am a citizen of Wisconsin and a concerned parent. 

It's bad enough that Wisconsin's K-12 public education program is being stripped of funding by our government. Now we have SB 22 threatening the well being of our public schools!
I disagree with allowing charter schools to be pushed into our communities without approval. This is not democratic! Such a decision should be made by a school board, those elected by the members of the community, not by a committee that doesn't represent the interests of the community. 
This bill lowers the standards for our teachers in the classrooms. This is disgusting! How is having an unqualified teacher in the classroom going to benefit my child, or anyone's child for that matter? 
SB 22 also siphons away funding from public schools by allowing charter schools access to the same funds. If money is taken away from pubic schools, they will need to look for money elsewhere. It will lead to the privatization of our schools, which is beneficial for no one other than the corporations that will own them. 
All children in this state deserve an equal, quality education. SB 22 does the exact opposite of that and further creates an educational gap between the wealthy and soon to be non-existent middle class with the changes of income eligibility to charter schools.  

Please improve the quality of education in this state for all children. I ask that you PLEASE vote against SB 22 in the name of the future of Wisconsin education.

Thank you, 
Cynthia Melendy

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