You make me sick. Literally, and otherwise.

25 March 2011

Dear Scott Walker, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the automatic computer generators who sort their mail into "for" and "against" folders, and the innocent and/or deceitful passersby and/or hangers-on who may or may not read this if it's ever actually released to the press as per Open Records Law,

I am so AGAINST you and your despicable political tactics that I am beginning to wonder how it comes to pass that a perfectly reasonable and capable person like me is sitting home fuming while moronic criminals like you have actual power.  I mean, seriously! My leftist cats could govern better that you! Someone really needs to step up and seize the crap out of your days.  (And wouldn't it be great if it was Representative Barca?  I know you two would just love that.)

Between bouts of vomiting and diarrhea (for which, of course, I blame you and the vilely viral disease you are to this state and my personal health) I spent all my emotional energy this week laboring over SB-22 and trying to spread the word about what kind of damage that bill is going to do if it's passed along with the education-gutting budget bill.  I listened to almost all of the testimony at the public hearing. I watched Senator Grothman treat the public with his usual contempt, and then sneer over what harm the bill might potentially cause to PRIVATE schools - prompting him, amazingly, to author the very next day a bill proposing tax credits for private school tuition! I watched the ever-duplicitous Senator Darling chat with her colleagues as she ignored testimony after testimony against her ill-conceived and dangerous bill.  I read a few disgusting articles reiterating the sexist attacks of Judge Prosser on his colleagues. I watched the staggeringly hypocritical attack on Professor Cronon unfold after he published his right-on op-ed, and prove line-for-line his analysis of your McCarthy-esque tactics. And then, today, I finally feel well enough to get out for a few hours and come home to find out that you snakes actually illegally published the collective bargaining bill despite the court order prohibiting its publication! Is there nothing you and your party are not willing to do to prove your disrespect for the laws and the people of this state?

I have a great idea, for you and for all of us: STOP BREAKING THE LAW.  Stop showing such open and public disrespect for your constituents, the courts and the law.  I know it would be great for your team if we didn't have a judicial system, but guess what? We do. So check, and balance, yourselves.

I am not feeling particularly optimistic at the moment, but I am feeling particularly enraged. You have gone too far for too long. I will be at the Capitol tomorrow. I'm sure I won't see you there, but I'm not going anywhere. You cannot ignore the people forever.  This abuse of power will not stand, and we will not stand down.


Until you're incarcerated,

Heather DuBois Bourenane
Wisconsin citizen, and supporter of justice, education and freedom, but not you.

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