Your political agenda, your phony emails, and a plan for action

9 March 2011

Dear Mr. Walker and Mr. Fitzgerald,

Today Mr. Fitzgerald finally admitted on national television that the motivation behind your undemocratic and unlawful attempts to push your bill through using a phony "crisis" is entirely about destroying the unions for the purpose of eliminating their funding to the democratic party and thus (potentially) harming President Obama's chances of reelection.  Your idiotic "masterplan" is finally exposed for public scrutiny, even though we knew all along this was your intention. (I'm calling it "idiotic" not just to be rude, but because (1) it's so stupid, and (2) it will never work. We will not stop fighting. Ever.)

Now that your political agenda has become impossible to deny, perhaps some of the few Wisconsinites who still remain duped into thinking any of your budget bill will be of benefit to this state (except, perhaps, for the 100,000 Wisconsin millionaires who will likely remain loyal to this self-serving bill) will wake up like the rest of us. It could not be more obvious that you care more about advancing your agenda than the citizens - or future - of this state.

Mr. Walker, I don't believe for one minute that the select emails you let "leak" yesterday show a sincere readiness to compromise.  You have, in every press conference and every other communication, made perfectly clear that you have no respect or consideration for Wisconsin workers.  You have made even more clear that you are unwilling to negotiate or concede any point.  And Mr. Fitzgerald's letter to my own Senator, the Honorable Mark Miller, shows a lack of professionalism and disrespect that nearly rivals the venom of my own correspondence with the two of you. But let's keep in mind that I'm a righteously indignant private citizen and public employee; you are elected officials and are obliged to uphold an oath that requires you to uphold the Constitution of this state and behave publicly in a manner befitting of your offices. It's clear that you are in violation of those oaths, and the increasing evidence that you put party politics before the good of the state is further tantamount to treason.   For these reasons, and the many more I have outline in prior correspondence, I demand that you resign.  Preferably, immediately, but if you want to wait until after this weekend, that would be ok, I guess, because I heard Michael Franti and Spearhead might come to Madison to support the rights and freedoms of Wisconsin workers and citizens, and it would be a shame to have to cancel that. So maybe you can just announce your intent to resign today, and we can take care of the details on Monday.

Looking forward to it,
Heather DuBois Bourenane
Taxpayer, voter, and outraged citizen of Wisconsin

P.S. Aren't you glad God didn't tell you to fire the snow plow drivers yet?! Turns out we did need them again after all! I told you the Lord works in mysterious ways!

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