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 Update 5.17.2014

THANK YOU to all who voted and shared this contest information! I was selected as one of the scholarship winners and hope I can make this work now with my summer schedule.  I so appreciate the support and kind words - and look forward to attending this exciting event if I can!  Click here to see all the winners.

- Heather

Dear friends of MoD,

Netroots Nation - a sort of progressive summer camp for bloggers, activists, and advocates -  just happens to be taking place in Detroit this summer.  And Detroit just happens to be in my home state of Michigan, where I just happen to have unlimited free childcare (thanks, Mom & Dad!).

And the featured guest speaker just happens to be Elizabeth Warren.

And I just happen to have wanted to attend this event for years (having heard rave reviews from others who've attended), but the timing/pricing/logistics have never been right.

This year I think I can do it. 

But not without a scholarship.

I humbly ask you to take 5 seconds to vote for me in this contest so that I have a chance to win a scholarship that would cover the registration fee and lodging.  Voting ends at 11:59pm (Pacific Time) on May 12, 2014.

It really does just take a second, and I promise that whatever I learn at this conference will be paid back in future writing, organizing, and general world-a-better-place-making!

And, if you're feeling extra votey, please take a minute to share some love with fellow grassroots organizers Chris McDonough (SPARC, Wisconsin Grassroots Network) and Marcia Riquelme (Deforest Area Progressives, Wisconsin Grassroots Network).

Thank you!  

- Heather

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