Mary Burke sold home to help struggling families: the difference is clear

The following letter appeared in the Sun Prairie Star last week.  Every single person in Wisconsin needs to read it. 

If you're looking to put your finger on the difference between Mary Burke and Scott Walker, you can find it right here:

​I have worked with or known Mary Burke for 28 years.  I am also a 25 year resident of Sun Prairie.  Friends and family often ask me questions about Mary.  They wonder if I think she would make a good Governor.

They wonder why she is running.  They simply want to better understand exactly who she is.

In early 2011, I read a brief article that said Mary Burke donated $450,000 to build apartment homes for struggling families.  I happened to see Mary a short time later and asked her about this.  She said that someone told her about this project to build housing for families that needed help getting back on their feet.  She heard that the funding ran dry and that the project was being cut.

She said her current home was much bigger than she needed and decided to downsize her house and give the excess equity to this organization.

I recall her saying, “What’s better, me with a house much bigger than I need, or eight families with homes and an opportunity to get ahead?” She said this like it was a decision anyone would make.

There are many other similar stories that I could share.  I think this story says a lot about how Mary Burke lives her life.

Mary has a history of identifying a problem that she is passionate about and then doing something about it.  She simply has never sat back and said, oh here is a problem, I really hope someone does something about it.

So when people ask me if I think she will make a good Governor, I say no…I think she will be an exceptional Governor.
                                                                    - Mike Hietpas, Town of Bristol​
Mary Burke is a unique candidate.  Unlike Walker, she's not a career politician, but she is a career change-maker.  She has a long resume of innovative projects she's started that make huge impacts on local communities and create jobs.  She has an advanced degree from Harvard Business School AND real-world business experience.  Walker, who didn't even graduate from college, has no "real world" business experience beyond his youthful employment at McDonald's - his entire career has been motivated by political ambition.

Mary Burke cares about Wisconsin.  She cares about people.  
Scott Walker cares about his political future.

Mary Burke sold her home to help people less fortunate than she is.

Scott Walker sold out the hard working taxpayers of this state to promote a narrow political agenda.  

Mary Burke worked in the real world, made real money, and put that money to great use helping others.

Scott Walker has worked in the public sector his whole career and jokes about making "real money" while Wisconsinites continue to struggle under his massive cuts, crony tax breaks, and refusals to accept - or even apply for - federal funds paid for by the hardworking taxpayers of this state.
Who do you want leading this state?

The choice is clear. 

And the polls are open 7am-8pm on November 4.  In-person absentee voting continues until Oct. 31 at your local clerk's office.

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