A Back to School Plea: Be Kind to Teachers

Pasted below is a message from Kati Walsh, a Wisconsin educator who asks us to take a minute at the beginning of this school year to give a little extra love to the teachers in our lives. As our kids go back to school, let's keep in mind that their educators are dealing with drastic cuts to their take home pay, administrators and parents who may be ambivalent (or worse), and a political climate in which teacher-bashing is commonplace, even among elected officials, as teachers get blamed for policy matters totally beyond their control.

Please take a minute to read Kati's plea and then let the teachers in your life know that you appreciate all the work they do - often on their own time and at their own expense - to make our communities better places to live and work.


August 25, 2011

I know you all know that teacher morale is super low right now. It's really not going to be an easy year. I'm very blessed to have an amazing principal and staff. Also a wonderful group of supportive parents. Most teachers don't have any of that.

This was posted on MTI today:
"If you improve a teacher's self-esteem, confidence, communication skills or stress levels, you improve that teacher's overall effectiveness across the curriculum.
- Elaine MacDonald

This was a teacher response: "Mine is low . . . lots of troubling changes at my school already this year. Feeling like my hard work doesn't matter."

I'm seeing this across the board. If you have a few extra minutes (not money, just time) please send a teacher a note of encouragement as school starts this year. Did someone really make an impact on you that is still teaching? How about your child's teacher? Or just someone you know that is a teacher?

Let's take Kati's challenge to heart. Care about our educators like they care about our children! Let teachers know that you're on their side. Just taking the time to send a note or let them know will mean so much.

And remember - educators are not so deeply involved in the struggle in Wisconsin just to protect their own wages and benefits - they are in this fight to protect the future of public education for our children. And I, for one, want to make sure they know how much I appreciate that.  

Thanks for sharing this note, Kati! And a big THANK YOU to all the teachers out there who are returning to their classrooms ready for new set of challenges! We support  you! And we will not give up the fight to regain your rights and the right of our children to quality public education!

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