in search of the monologue and/or the dissent

Dear friends,

In commemoration of having served our 20,000th customer, I present the top twenty actual searches that have let people to Monologues of Dissent, in no particular order of hilarity.  I started keeping track of these when it was brought to my attention that this blog could be finding using search #20.  I tried to link them to their obvious homes, where possible.  Thanks to all you googlers for searching me out and stopping by. Hope you'll stick around. Enjoy!

With love from your friend,
Dissent face

  Top 20 Actual Searches That Have Led People, Perhaps You, To This Blog:
  1. buffalo occidental hotel ladies room
  2. i hate scott walker
  3. dissent face 
  4. got teachers? no + scott walker
  5. happy international day against homophobia
  6. hater monologues
  7. how to make something easy for dissent
  8. how to not let friendship problems ruin your summer
  9. how to survive without money
  10. i hate mothers monologue
  11. inappropriate disney princess monologue
  12. leftist cats
  13. legal size certificate of proclamation
  14. little baby who hates scott walker
  15. monologues about lies
  16. please don't put anything down in toilet sign
  17. tea parter + irate letter about bathrooms not being open in racine
  18. teddy bear town hill city sd hours open
  19. when is dissent a good thing
  20. you are an arrogant selfish egomaniac with delusions of grandeur
Bonus update! (8/11/2011)

This one just in today:
 #21: thank a republican
 Uh. No, thanks. But enjoy the blog!


  1. I actually think leftist cats IS how I ended up coming across you

  2. I laughed so hard I have hiccups!!! Great post!