WHEREAS; Scott Walker does not appreciate public servants in the least

7 May 2011 
Dear Scott Walker,

I just wanted to take a moment to voice my rage and disgust over your insulting initiative to celebrate your "victory" in squashing the rights of state workers by declaring May 4th "State Employee Recognition Day" and calling for nominations of "outstanding" state employees.  Of all the things you've done to infuriate me, this is perhaps the worst, since it's the most transparently mean-spirited and duplicitous.

For starters, let's talk about your arrogance and idiocy in declaring "State Employee Recognition Day" in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week without even mentioning teachers - nice job undermining some of the most important state workers we have! Nothing says "I don't appreciate teachers" like stealing their one week of appreciation out from under them. And a week before Mothers' Day, too, just in case any state worker moms forgot how you're trying to revoke our child-care options and force insurance companies to stop funding birth control. Keepin' it classy as always - at least you're consistent.

Worse, though, is how, after months of insulting us and claiming we don't pay taxes or otherwise contribute to our own earnings, and doing everything you can to abuse your power by taking away our rights, you dare to suggest that we nominate "outstanding" public servants who work above and beyond the call of duty (i.e. for free) - "the unsung heroes, the people who go the extra mile, the people who put in the extra work and dedication, the people who are selfless in their dedication." 

Did you really think we wouldn't recognize the blatant irony in this - that you're actually telling us, after attempting to illegally destroy our right to collective bargaining, that not only do you not want us to have any say in our own lives (since, as you keep reminding us, "there's nothing to negotiate"), but you also fully expect us to work without pay?!    I have to say, that really doesn't make me feel very "appreciated." It makes me feel mocked, and humiliated, and furious.  And it fortifies my resolve to make public my hatred for you more than ever.  

You said: "We can't say thank you enough..." But that's not really true. You could thank me a LOT more. How about instead of issuing a mocking proclamation, for instance, thanking me by showing that you appreciate my rights, and my dignity and my contributions to both the economy and the welfare of this state.  Because, amongst other things, I'm not a leech, or a thug, or an out-of-state protester. And there's no Certificate of Appreciation I can download and print large enough to cover the wounds you've already inflicted.  

So, thanks - but no thanks, on your phony Proclamation of Appreciation.  You can throw it in the garbage, next to the Constitution (I know it's in the garbage, since you don't recycle).

 While you're doing that, I'll get to work building my list of Outstanding State Employees to nominate for your "award" - starting, of course with the 14 state employees who made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the state - working from Illinois, and at the threat of losing their pay - and all the civic and union leaders who have worked tirelessly on and off the clock to protect and defend the rights of Wisconsin workers.  I'd also like to nominate every public worker who dared stand up to you - through active dialogue, protest and sharing information, even in the face of your bullying and refusal to communicate with us or respond to our concerns. My list is pretty long.  This is going to be a very competitive award!

Until you resign,

Heather DuBois Bourenane
One of countless hardworking "unsung heroes" of Wisconsin and caller-out of your bullshit

P.S. If you ever get around to actually caring about public servants, you might take note of an existing - and sincere - way to show your appreciation for their hard work: http://www.welovepublicservice.org/ 


In contrast:

WHEREAS; Scott Walker is the most arrogant and duplicitous Governor in America (the official Proclamation)
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    1. Autoreply:

      Thank you for your e-mail message. I welcome you expressing your views and concerns to me, and I commend you for participating in your state government. I take into account the views of all of the citizens of Wisconsin, and I will keep your specific comments in mind during my service as your Governor.

      If you would like more information about my positions on issues, or would like to read my public statements on issues, I encourage you to explore my website: www.walker.wi.gov. I like to respond individually to every letter and telephone call I receive; however, I cannot respond to each e-mail individually due to the volume. If your request is time sensitive, please call my office at (608) 266-1212. You may also write to me via conventional mail at Governor Scott Walker: PO Box 7863, Madison, WI 53707.

      As noted on our website, please know that any communications may be subject to release under Wisconsin's public records law and that our policy is generally to release communications sent to this email address.

      Once again, thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to contact me again if I can ever be of assistance to you.


      Scott Walker

    2. Hey! That is what he has been replying to me in my nightly emails. I felt like he was not putting any thought into his replies to me; now it seems like he might not be putting any thought into his replies to you, too. Maybe, even quite possibly, he is not putting any thought into his replies to all the people that email him.

    3. Bravo to you, Heather. I did find it ironic he would put this State Employee Recognition Day right in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week. That was a slap in the face. Also, he recently visited one of our elementary schools in our district and although it only affected the one school, all district employees were instructed to behave appropriately and as professionals. Well no kidding. The poor teachers who teach at the school had to eat a brown bag lunch with him. This megalomaniac is obviously ruining the future of public schools and damaging Wisconsin as an education state. And how dare he email you something so generic and filled with no substance at all.

    4. lol, Carrie. Walker's autoreply is a very arguable upgrade from his previous refusal to respond at all. My favorite part is how it suggests we may find the solutions to all of our problems if only we visit his website. That, and the thinly veiled threat that he's going to make our letters public. Too bad we beat him to the punch on that one.

    5. The first Wednesday in May has always been State Employee Recognition Day. That was true during Doyle, Thompson, etc... So that is not Walker purposely fucking the masses.

      BUT the employee recognition program is a joke. For those of us who do not work with the public, and who have no technical customers (I'm a forensic scientist, trust me, I have no customers except other public employees like police officers and lawyers) we won't even qualify for one of the awards. To call university students 'customers' is insulting to the people who teach them.

      You know what kind of recognition I'd like? A raise. I haven't had one of those in a few years and my work load has grown exponentially thanks to the crappy economy. You know what else I'd like? Knowing that 25 years from now when I am qualified to retire that the fund will still be there and will not be hollowed out by a megalomaniac's insistence that I don't need a pension.