Wisconsin Children's Union Local 2011 (free poster!)

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Dear supporters of children's rights and protectors of Wisconsin's future,

Of all the rally signs I've made, my favorite is the "Wisconsin Children's Union" one. I chanced across this picture  (at right) of my daughter and me at a snowy February rally in Madison on WEAC's facebook page. Since I keep getting requests to share it, I'm providing it here it is for easy copy/pasting and borrowing of any kind (see below for other versions). If you've got better skills and want the original version for editing, be my guest. Just email me and I'll send the file.

This sign is my favorite because it's a constant reminder that this fight is not about the money, and it's not about the budget. It's about our rights, and it's about our future. 

The struggle in Wisconsin is about labor, for sure. It's about protecting workers' rights and ensuring that current and future generations will have a say in their own lives. But it is also about draconian cuts to education and basic health care services that affect our children directly. 

In the early days of this uprising and continually since, Wisconsin teachers have stood together and given our children the best lesson in civics we could have asked for: teaching them that democracy means standing up for what's right when it's time to stand. As a parent, I continue to teach that lesson every time my children join me at the Capitol, every time they see me sending a letter to our elected officials, every time we talk to each other, and to friends, neighbors and others in our community, about how important it is for us to stand up for our rights.  I am proud to have my children join me in this struggle, and I can only hope that these moments of solidarity are among their earliest - and fondest - memories.  Our children aren't just witnesses to this struggle; these children ARE the struggle. And they need to be here even more than the rest of us. It is our moral obligation as parents to let our children know that being a productive member of society means standing up, speaking out, and coming together. This is what democracy looks like, and it's cute as a button.

The children, united, will never be defeated!


Listening. Learning.

Download the black & white version here.
Download the full color version here.

Thank you, educators, for the excellent lesson in civics!

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  1. GREAT idea! I wish I would have had one for our marches around the capitol (My daughter created her own "Mr. Walker, it is not okay to be a bully" sign and my son had his "I love my teachers" sign. They even march around the backyard chanting "Tell me what democracy looks like..." (yes, even amidst our Walker-supporting neighbors here in Waukesha county.)