Open Letter Challenge: Make your voice heard to RECALL WALKER

Calling all lovers of justice, hyperbole and dissent! 
Let your voice be heard!

With just 6 weeks to go until the recall election on June 5, I challenge all MoD fans and recall supporters to share their open letters to Governor Walker and other recall candidates.  

It's now or never.  Stand up now, or wake up on June 6 thinking "what else could I have done?"

Let's get ALL our voices out there in one final Open Letter Blast! 

Why do you think Wisconsin should vote Walker out? How has your life changed since Walker took office?  What cuts or policies do you think have hurt Wisconsin the most? Why do you think Lori Compas deserves Scott Fitzgerald's Senate seat? What needs to be done to restore the rule of reason in Wisconsin? What does the recall effort mean to you?

Every story is different. Every story matters. Share yours.

Email your letters to and I'll post them on the blog. I'll edit for spelling and grammar as needed so don't worry about being a great writer.  

If we've learned anything over the last year and a half it's that civic action works - we may not have the money, but we've got the power of the people on our side.  Show them what democracy looks like. Make your voice heard!

For maximum effect, I encourage you to send your letters to your hometown paper as well. Local letters have the biggest impact and can be very effective in countering the right-leaning perspective of most small-town Wisconsin papers.

Some helpful addresses...

Contact information for Wisconsin Newspapers and Other Outlets for Letters to the Editor.
Don't see your local paper on this list? Email me so I can add it!  This list was compiled from multiple sources, so it's a work-in-progress and I'd like to make it as complete as possible.  

    Statewide outlets:
     Papers by city:
     College and university publications:

    And's never too late to get involved at the local level. We need your help.
    If you're not already a member of your local volunteer team, sign up today.  Find a local team at or

    Need help getting started?
    Here are some tips for writing effective letters to the editor:



    Dear Editor:

    Introduction: 1-3 sentences that explain why you are writing this letter and who you are. Only include details relevant to your reasons (i.e. Your letter is about education. Are you a teacher? A parent? A student? A district tax payer?)
     Body of letter should be focused, specific and concise. 2-3 paragraphs max. Pick a topic or theme and stick to it. If you are enumerating reasons you want Walker (or Fitz, etc) recalled, be clear and brief - and consider numbering them. Use specific examples to illustrate your points and make it personal and relevant.  Keep it short and simple.  The shorter your letter, the more likely it is to be published and read.  Many papers limit letters to the editor to 300-400 words. 
    Conclusion: Summarize your main point. Call on readers to take action; make a request or call to action.

    Recallicus Maximus, Esq. 
    Address (this won't be included on my blog, but should be included in the letters you send to newspapers)
    Contact phone or email

    You can find some helpful letter-writing tips here, and even an offer of assistance in writing your letters!:   I am happy to help, too, if you have questions or are stumped. Just send me an email.


    1. Donald F HoebekeMay 2, 2012 at 2:22 PM

      It should come as no surprise to anyone (least of all Gov Walker!) that Wisconsin's economy is tanking---you simply cannot take away a large portion of of the people's discretionary income all at once, and not expect negative consequences. Discretionary income drives spending and people that can spend impact the economy in a positive way---It's simple economics!
      Personally, I don't think that 'budget repair' had anything to do with with the Wisconsin GOP's ( and Scott Walker's ) agenda, and their anti-union agenda had every thing to do with it. We simply cannot have a healthy middle class without unions, and we cannot have a real economic recovery without a healthy middle class,
      The GOP has become very good at whipping up (and exploiting) the destructive envy that various segments of society have for each other (read: union Vs. non-union) and we have got to realize that we all pay the price for this!
      While I hail from Michigan, I hope and pray that forces such as the Koch Brothers will not succeed at subverting Wisconsin's political system any further, and that Scott Walker pays the price for what he has done to your State---it is very omportant to all of us!!

    2. Donald -where does that discretionary income originate??? It comes from taxpayers. So if you have $10 less to spend and I have an extra $10 to spend -are fewer dollars able to be spent?

      As to a middle class... 15% of workers are in a public unions. If he wanted to go after the middle class, you would think he would target the 85%? As to having a healthy middle class, many of those you claim are "healthy" are morbidly obese (on benefits). Trimming the fat will make them healthier!!

      Michigan -there is a state in great shape...