Letter from Two Rivers: Why Walker Needs to Go

Have YOU taken the MoD Open Letter Challenge challenge yet?  It's not too late!  The recall election will be held on June 5, 2012. Make your case for the recall today and share your concerns with your friends and neighbors. Every voice matters! Make sure yours is heard in time!

Wisconsin Family Stands Up to Governor Walker with Open Letter

Dear Gov. Walker,

We believe you should be recalled for the following reasons: You have lied from the beginning do you think if you would have campaigned on ending Collective Bargaining you would have been elected? Your attack on the middle and poor class people, your attack on women and you just have lied to us the people of Wisconsin all around.

You have hurt the students greatly in our state with what you and your staff have done to the school districts. I don't believe you should be giving the rich and big corps tax breaks. You are nothing more than a Koch Puppet. 

You are so far in over your head with the John Doe Investigation you would be better off stepping down now. You have openly complained that you can make more working back in the private sector that you should start applying because that is where you are headed. Your attack on the unions and what they stand for are none of your business we have a right to be in the union. You need to understand that we the tax payers pay your salary. You are so busy listening to the Koch brothers that you no longer can think for yourself.

You need to understand that we had enough signatures to get an election we will have enough voters to vote you out. You should just leave and quit wasting the tax payers' dollars.


The Swetts
Two Rivers, WI

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