The real "travesty" of recall is Scott Walker's record: An Open Letter from Pam Simpson

Pam Simpson submitted the letter below to her local paper, The Journal Times, in response to a letter to the editor by Marian Anderson that called the recall a ‘travesty on democracy’.  Pam writes that in addition to the reasons she discusses in her letter, Walker "is turning back the clock for women, both in health care and in the work force.   That is simply unacceptable." 
Here's Ms. Anderson's letter:
  And here's Pam's response:
I  wrote this letter to the editor in response to a letter to the editor from Sunday, April 15 from another citizen of Racine, WI.  In that letter she stated that “the recall is a travesty on democracy.” 
In running for Governor of our state, Scott Walker lied, withheld information and misled many individuals.  He was and IS in it for himself—to follow the Koch brothers orders and work for ALEC.  A recall is a perfect example of democracy in action. 
He has brought ‘dirty’ politics into our state.  Among the damage is the harming of our children's’ educations.  He has attempted to redirect money meant for other things to cover up his lie of a ‘balanced budget’—attempting to obtain money meant for health care for low-income families and for home-owners who had faced foreclosure.  He was only stopped because the Federal government forced him to.  A recall is certainly appropriate here.
He has undermined collective bargaining; he has turned back the clock on equal pay for women, etc.  He is NOT fighting for us; he is fighting for big business and for the Koch brothers.  He talks about buses of people being brought into the state – ‘union thugs’ as he likes to call them.  But he has to go all over the country looking for money to help defend himself in his legal battles---those who are very close to him being under investigation.
I am counting on the recall to be successful so we can get back to normal Wisconsin politics. 
Pam Simpson

Have YOU taken the MoD Open Letter Challenge challenge yet?  It's not too late!  The recall election will be held on June 5, 2012. Make your case for the recall today and share your concerns with your friends and neighbors. Every voice matters! Make sure yours is heard in time!

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  1. This letter says a lot,but doesn't even go far enough. Not only did he lie to get elected, he has lied about everything since. he lied about protesters, he lied about the damage done to the Capitol. He lied about voter ID, he lied about balancing the budget, he lied about collective bargaining, and later admitted that it had nothing to do with the budget, he lied about jobs, and I could go on. What he has done is to take money from the consumers, who are the ones who keep the economy going, to pay for his tax cuts to the rich,143million+. Now why would anyone want to make the rich richer and the poor poorer? He is not saving anyone money, and you can't save businesses if consumers aren't buying. You can complain what teachers, firemen, policemen, nurses,etc. make, none of them are rich, but you don't complain about the money you pay for the tax breaks for his rich friends. Amazing! Under his watch we will lose more and more jobs, people need to wake up and stop with all the talking points he puts out. You can't cut, cut, cut and expect to reduce the deficit, and have no revenue coming in, and it just puts more people out of work. Let the corporations pay taxes, just like we do. This is not about unions, this is about a greedy individual, with his own agenda. He is not for the people of Wi.