guest post: Walker's Right. The protesters are to blame. For everything.

When Politicus USA published a provocative article titled "Scott Walker Blames Protesters for Wisconsin's Highest in Nation Job Losses," my friend Meg from Cambridge had to share her thoughts...

Ah yes, it's all our fault. We started it. Businesses would have been busting down the doors to the state if we, the protesters, hadn't said no to stimulus money for high speed rail, health care, and green energy;

if we hadn't tried to stop wind farms, coal plant conversions and infrastructure updates intended to clean up the environment;

if we hadn't removed the money from our pockets so we no longer spent it on discretionary items like coffee and movies and restaurant lunches;

if we hadn't insisted on cutting our effective take home by thousands of dollars and making our jobs less stable;

if we hadn't defunded our school systems to make our colleges and school districts less competitive and less able to educate;

if we hadn't taken funding from communities and stymied their ability to meet services;

if we hadn't slashed our own morale by accusing ourselves of being thugs, miscreants, selfish haves sucking at the teat of the taxpayer (us!);

if we hadn't started calling ourselves whiners and started pitting ourselves against other struggling families (the non-whining patriots);

if we hadn't decided to line the pockets of the rich with funds we took from safety nets that prevent the poorest from falling through the cracks;

if we hadn't decided to throw thousands off of Badgercare;
if we hadn't decided to grab power for ourselves and usurp the power of state government so that the regulators become enablers;

if we hadn't made it so towns and local governments couldn't exclude certain industries like frac sand operations from operating in their communities;

if we hadn't violated open records laws, tried to limit voting rights, demanded loyalty oaths of lawmakers drafting gerrymandered voting districts;

if we hadn't tried to lock the public out of the public's house, made the act of carrying a camera illegal, and silenced public discourse;

if we hadn't done these things, certainly business would be flocking to Wisconsin.

And it's Walker's total lack of curiosity and critical thinking skills (or just plain lying) if he thinks unemployment rates have anything to do with more people working, when we, of course, it's always us, cut the number of weeks people remain eligible for unemployment. 

And, of course, it's we who had to hire a criminal defense team for our John Doe investigation. Uh-huh. That's a good one governEr, a real knee-slapper.


Have YOU taken the MoD Open Letter Challenge? The recall election will be held on June 5, 2012. Make your case today for why Scott Walker and the other candidates should be recalled from office.  We have 5 weeks. Let your voice be heard. 


  1. I couln't have said it better, we need to get this on national media, not just the Ed Show or Rachael but prime time national media, and let them know that this is about more than union. It is all so true.

  2. You forgot to add how we made Scott Walker's closest associates embezzle from veterans, violate campaign finance law, and oh ewww! we made them do that?

  3. Boy, we must have been at some party cause I cannot remember doing any of this.

  4. Excellently stated and as said by Walter, "oh ewww! we made them do that?" Let's remember, Walker is the son of a Preacher and God is on his side. Uh-huh. Riiiight.