Why the Recall Primary Matters: Vote Tuesday May 8

Vote for the person you want to be governor. Not some other person.
Dear friends of MoD,

Tomorrow, we decide who faces Scott Walker in the recall election on June 5 (or if he moves on at all).  We also decide who faces Rebecca Kleefisch (Mahlon Mitchell!). And Scott Fitzgerald (Lori Compas!). And Van Wanggaard (John Lehman!). And Terry Moulton (Kristen Dexter!). And Jerry Petrowski, the Republican running for Pam Galloway's seat after Galloway retired (Donna Seidel!).  Click here to see the official GAB ballots to find out who's running in your district.

In each of these races, there are fake Democrats on the ballot in an an attempt to subvert democracy and spoil the election process.  Fake Dem Gladys Huber even gets top billing on the gubernatorial ticket.

It's been a long, exhausting road to this day and this is the beginning of our final push to get out the vote and make sure that every person in Wisconsin realizes what is really at stake in this election.  (Spoiler alert! It's not about collective bargaining!)

You have an obligation to be part of the solution. Voting is not optional. 

Vote for Mahlon Mitchell.
Even if you are on the fence (as I was until I voted early last week) about the gubernatorial candidates and just want to support "the winner" of the Dem primary, you need to vote tomorrow for Mahlon Mitchell for Lieutenant Governor. Rebecca "For Real" Kleefisch is NOT on the ballot because no one opposed her as a Republican. This means she will automatically appear on the June 5 ballot and Republicans are "free" to vote for the fake Dem on the ticket, Isaac Weix.  So we need every vote we can get to ensure that this election is not stolen by those who prefer legal election tampering to respecting the will of the people.

And here's the thing: if Mitchell beats Kleefisch but Walker wins in June, Mitchell will be governor when Walker is indicted. So please, please vote.  Because if you don't vote, you can't complain. And we have a lot to complain about.

There are a lot of hard feelings and hot heads over tomorrow's choices. I personally agonized for months over my decision and finally surprised myself at the ballot box and voted for the person I think will be the best governor on education and moving Wisconsin forward again.  I see great strengths (and weaknesses) in all of our choices.  Do any of them inspire me like Russ Feingold would have? No. Does that matter? Not in the least. We did not come all this way to be divided over who opposes Walker on June 5. We did not stand out in the snow collecting signatures to bicker about who is stronger on education or the environment when ANY of these choices is infinitely superior to Scott "Fundraising is Governing" Walker.  

We did not come together for the past year to fall apart now.  Whomever wins tomorrow, we will unite like never before to show the world that Wisconsin did not stand down.  After 17 months of being ignored, insulted and demeaned by the governor of our state, we have pressed on.  Legally. Peacefully. With determination.  We have matched the petulant obstinance of Scott Walker with determination and drive, and we have countered his every attack on the well-being of this state with focus, patience, and the knowledge that we will do what it takes in the final hour to see him out of office. At that final hour starts tomorrow.

Scott Walker sent out a fundraising letter last week telling people all over the country that  
"For the Union-paid protesters who screamed until their faces were red...all I can say is that they can yell and curse all they want but I am not going to back down."
That's right. Over a year later, he is still spreading the same tired, absurd lies about the hard-working taxpayers and public servants of Wisconsin, claiming that "Big Union Bosses" paid people from out of state to protest at the Capitol, that the recall is only about collective bargaining and differences of "opinion."  These lies might trick people in other states into pouring money into his campaign, but they aren't fooling the millions of Wisconsinites who have seen their income and security vanish under his administration.  They aren't fooling the kids asking what happened to all the teachers at their schools who have been forced into early retirement or laid off.  They aren't fooling the 17,000 people - mainly children - about to be kicked off BadgerCare even as their financial situations remain precarious.  And they certainly aren't fooling all of the non-union taxpayers (Republicans and Democrats alike) opposed to Walker's disastrous and divisive policies. Wisconsin leads the nation in job losses and cuts to education under Walker.  That fact didn't make his fundraising letter, as facts tend not to do.  He neglected to mention, for instance, that one of the main ways he stands apart from the other candidates is by being the only candidate with a criminal defense fund.

Walker's administration only points in one direction: backward. If you want to go forward, get to the polls tomorrow.  Vote. And then you can join me in complaining all you want.  I look forward to it.  Very much, in fact.



P.S. Not registered to vote? No problem! You can register at the polls! Just be sure to bring proof of residency (for at least 28 days at your current address). Click here for info from the GAB on what you need to bring with you to register at the polls. And click here to find your voting location!


  1. Is there room in this monologue, for dissenters, independent and otherwise, who support Arthur Kohl-Riggs?

    1. of course. Why wouldn't there be? I intentionally did not promote specific candidates and suggested people vote for the person they want to be governor. If that's Arthur, good for them!

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