Susan Shoemaker: Walker's lies about "savings" can't save him from recall

Susan Shoemaker took the MoD Open Letter Challenge and let Walker know why she thinks he should be recalled. Send your letters in today - contacts for local papers are in the challenge details!

Dear Scotty,

As a voter and taxpayer, I get thoroughly disgusted when my Governor lies to me

Not just once, but day, after day, after day. You need to stop.

For example, on Monday, May 14, 2012, you issued an official press release ( claiming your reforms saved a small family business, "Vic’s Carpet and Flooring," $3,000 in property taxes. The only problem is: it's not true. You lied.

1. The property is owned by an investment company.

2. The tax bill went down because the assessed value of the $1 million dollar property went down almost 25%.

3. You also repeated your lie that "without Governor Walker’s reforms, the average homeowner would have paid an additional $700 over two years." (

I checked the property tax records - you should have too. You had nothing to do with the lower property taxes - the drop was due completely to the decrease in assessed value. If the value had stayed the same - the tax bill actually would have gone up!

Truth here: (look at 2010 and 2011 tax bills for tax key # OCLV0585973006)

Confirm you will stop lying and will issue an apology to the public.

Susan Shoemaker

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