Celebrating our Freedom: the video everyone in Wisconsin needs to see this Memorial Day weekend

This Memorial Day weekend, please take the time to reflect on the voices of these everyday Wisconsinites, who share their experiences on what freedom and democracy mean to Wisconsin right now.

This video contains personal stories on  issues that matter to all of us - education, health care, the economy, and - most of all - the divide and conquer politics that have pulled families apart, damaged our teachers and our schools, and threaten our military families and veterans.  These are regular people from all walks of life who give us a chance to see past the hype and propaganda of political ads and into the real impacts and real issues confronting our communities.

Please take the time to watch, then share this video with your friends, as you reflect on the sacrifices of those who have served our country this weekend.  What can you do to preserve and celebrates the freedoms they fought to defend?  One thing:  Vote.  June 5.

This video was made by ordinary people, members of our community who want to share their voices and make sure they're heard even as regular people are being shouted down and ignored by the infinite spending on political ads. The video will be aired on our local cable station, one of the last remaining public outlets for citizen voices at a time when big money buys the airwaves and corporate power dictates who is heard.  Take the time to listen to our neighbors.  They have so much to say.

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