Wisconsin has Walker to thank for turning would-be teacher into activist

Another fantastic submission to the MoD Open Letter Challenge!

Dear Scott Walker,

I would like to personally thank you for changing my life. Up until about a year ago I was planning on becoming a teacher, but you made me realize that my calling was at a different level. I am now one semester away from receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender Studies at Alverno College, which I am sure, has no meaning to you since you neither value women or education. Prior to you, my life plan was to teach English to high school students in MPS, and while I still plan on working with low-income students in some capacity – you know those are the constituents you ignore. I plan on informing high school students about your platform and ethics – and guess what? These students have just turned 18 and are likely more committed to voting than they ever thought they would be, thanks in part to your dismissal of their potential as human beings.

What was I thinking? I don’t want to be a “greedy”  teacher; instead I shall become your adversary. Your lack of ethical regard for women, the poor, and anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money is what drives me. Every morning I wake up and watch the news to see what rhetoric spiel you are promoting and it never fails to inspire me. So just remember that every time you open your mouth and spew your nonsensical gibberish, you inspire me. Just remember that every time you blame others for your failure as leader and unifier you reify me as your opponent. Just remember that every time you make the claim you didn’t raise taxes, I’ll be amending your claim and calling you on your lies. Just remember that my education exceeds yours and that I am on the side of people who have been educated and still choose to work with the less advantaged in order to move Wisconsin FORWARD.

Colleen Crotteau-Martinez


  1. Bravo~!! I am sending this to my daughter immediately. Thank you, Monologues of Dissent, and my enthusiastic support and appreciation to Colleen Crotteau-Martinez~!

    Marsha Johnson

  2. Great. Another person with a woman's studies degree. While you are operating the french fry machine, I am certain you will have ample opportunity to chat with 18 year old kids all the time -please also tell them to get a degree is something marketable -else after 4 years of college, they will have loans to pay, smell like cooking oil, and will be complaining how unfair life is that they are not making 6 figure salaries like every other person is. Oh BTW, in MPS, if that is where you would have chosen to teach, you most likely wouldn't get a job. You see, they hire/promote/advance based on seniority, not skill set, ability, competency, or anything else that would actually benefit students. As someone with little to no teaching experience the union only values your dues -not your skill set. So if in a few years after you have learned the secret sauce, if you want to go back to school to complete your education degree, you will have a much better chance of actually getting a job in your field -as by then, the school boards and principals will be looking for skilled people, not just old people.