Face the press: I dare you

11 April 2011
Dear Scott Walker,

How dare you suggest that an independent investigation or recount of the Supreme Court election would amount to fraud or the "big government union bosses" "stealing" the election?  How dare you imply that something as superficial as $1000 a year in union dues is behind the revolution against your unprecedented partisan power grab? Will you ever, in your reign as governor, come out on the side of upholding democracy and/or the law?

I am so disgustingly tired of being insulted by you. I pay taxes. I contribute to society. I have children in public schools. I am a union member who would chose to pay dues whether it was required or not, because that union is the only thing left to protect me from people like you who would hope that I join the ranks of the uninsured, with no hope for a pension, no dream of retirement, no pride or sense of value in my career.

Meanwhile, you continue to try to spin the citizen outrage over your attempts to sell Wisconsin to outside interests and defund public schools and essential programs as simply a matter of corrupt "union bosses" not liking the idea of mandatory union dues.   Unfortunately for you, we are not stupid. And you look like a total jackass repeating this nonsense in the face of a mountain of evidence revealing the corruption, lack of transparency and will to power behind your party's ever shady move.

Stop running away from your constituents and going around the country - on my dime! - spreading lies and demonizing me and my family to convenient audiences and phony "news" outlets like FOX and Newsmax. Face the real press. Face the people. Face me.  I dare you.

And if you won't, resign.

Heather DuBois Bourenane
Very, very angry Wisconsin citizen

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