Melissa Luther: "Anyone who rises to fame this fast, is destined to fall even faster."

Wisconsinite Melissa Luther sends the email below to Scott Walker every single day. She knows his office receives the messages because she has her email set up to deliver a notice when the message is at least we know now that someone is checking the mail.  I'd be shocked if Scott Walker read any of these...but we sure appreciate them!  Thanks for sharing, Melissa - this is an excellent and powerful letter!

Have you told the governor what you think of him today?

Daily email from Melissa Luther to Scott Walker:

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln

You have lost sight of the goal. The goal of America is and always has been for EVERY person to succeed. Not just the richest 2%. You have joined a movement of corruption and illegal activity. You are a traitor and the presidents of our past would be disgusted with your over reach of power and greed. Shame shame shame on you for putting money before people!

"Those who sacrifice LIBERTY for security deserve neither."- Benjamin Franklin

And here's one more for good measure.

"Guard against the impostors of pretended patriotism." - George Washington

The people of WI do this better than anywhere. We are watching your every move. And you're never going to win. "Anyone who rises to fame this fast, is destined to fall even faster." Don't be another one hit wonder. Here's my challenge for you. Do the right thing. Or continue committing political suicide and being the most hated man in the state. Your choice. Too bad I know what you'll choose.

We would be just as foolish as you are to think that we have a reason to believe you'll ever do the right thing. Scott Walker admit he's wrong?! Psh! Yeah, when pigs fly.

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