MoD Cause of the Month: Think globally, fight locally

This is the inaugural post of a new feature: MoD Cause of the Month, which will shine the spotlight on local, grassroots efforts to make a difference that need our help. If you have ideas or suggestions for causes (local events, fundraisers, or actions) that need support, please email them to me! The criteria are simple: must be a local effort (fundraiser, action, event) to make the world a better place that really needs our support.  No promises that your cause will be featured, but I'll do my best to share the info!

The first cause is a personal one: my good friend Missy, an amazing mom living with multiple sclerosis, has bravely stepped up to attempt the 50-mile MS Challenge Walk this fall. She's been fundraising all year but still has $950 left to raise to meet her $1500 goal. One way you can help is to shop at her enormous garage sale June 13-15 at 604 Hubbell Street - aka Hwy 73, Marshall, WI, or you can contribute to her cause using this link.

Please support the
MS Challenge Walk!
or check out the
Fight MS Garage Sale
604 Hubbard St (Hwy 73)
Marshall, WI
June 13-15, 2013
Please join me in supporting a wonderful woman in her fight to raise awareness and support research that could cure MS. If you have any friends or family living with this disease, you know what we know: MS is BS! 

Please consider supporting this great cause.  No contribution is too small to make difference! 

Think globally. Fight locally. Give locally.  Every action counts.

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