Open letter of the Day: Vouchers for Everyone!

I just may have a new favorite letter to the editor.  Gary Hanson nails it.  From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

PITTSFIELD — Gov. Scott Walker, I live in rural Brown County. I feel the sheriff’s department affords me less protection than that provided to those in urban areas. Therefore, I expect that you will, at your first opportunity, forward to me a “voucher” check so that I may hire a private security firm. Said funds may be deducted from the state aid given to the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

In addition, my town is unable to plow my road as quickly as I’d like so please forward a second “voucher” check so that I may hire a private plow service. Those funds may be deducted from the road aids that are paid to the town.

I also insist that you not ask for licensing, accountability or oversight of the contractors involved.

I’ll be watching my mailbox closely.

Gary Hanson
 This simple chart from Say No to Vouchers puts things in perspective:
 Be sure to let the governor and your legislators know how you feel, too.

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