WisGOP confirms: We don't live in a democracy (luckily for them)

It's official.  Wisconsin Republicans finally admit - aloud, on record, and on the Assembly floor, that it's lucky for them we don't live in a democracy.  And after throwing citizens out of the Assembly gallery for exercising their constitutional rights (which violate his arbitrary rules), Bill Kramer confirms:  In Wisconsin, we live in an unconstitutional republic.

The short clip below from June 13, 2013, the day the Assembly shamefully voted to pass SB206, a bill which went from conception to delivery in 10 days, is so, so worth watching.

In which a Democratic assemblyman - the honorable Gary Hebl - stands up to acknowledge the concerned citizens who had been forcibly removed from the gallery despite having done nothing to violate the rules, and a Republican assemblyman  - one Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer - chastizes him,  mockingly saying:
"I'm really sorry if you feel that hurts democracy.  Luckily, we live in a Republic."

The only saving grace in this is that I am very proud to say that Gary Hebl is my own representative, and I can't thank him enough for standing up for us.

Thanks, too, to the indefatigable Rebecca Kemble for documenting these events and editing the video of these Capitol shenanigans.

It's one thing to point out the difference between "democracy" and "republic." It's another thing altogether to openly mock and disparage democracy.  And it's a third, and criminal, thing to demonstrate so vividly one's contempt and disregard for the Constitution.


  1. Kramer is as much of uninformed ass as his counterparts! We actually live in a Constitutionally limited representative democratic republic!

    How do you respect an institution you dont understand?