Protest planned against WisGOP's pre-abortion ultrasound bill

In a shocking display of disregard for both the people and the process today at the Capitol, Senate President Mike Ellis shouted down Democratic Senators, denying them a chance to debate the issue, and calling for a roll call vote on the barely-vetted pre-abortion ultrasound bill today. The Assembly takes up the bill for these mandatory and medically useless ultrasounds on Thurs. June 13, 2013. A protest is planned, as is a noon rally, and Wendi Kent invites Wisconsinites to join:
Wisconsin: AB 227/SB206 goes back to the Assembly tomorrow at 1 or 2pm.

I will be there with tape over my mouth to represent the fact that they are making my medical decisions for me without my consent or input. They are speaking as if they represent when they do not. They are making decisions that hurt me, my daughters and all other Wisconsin women.

We are being silenced. We are being ignored. We are being treated like mindless wombs.
Care to join me?

For the most thorough coverage of the day, read Rebecca Kemble's telling report in The Progressive here.

This bill was just introduced on June 3. The only public hearing was held on June 5. It was passed in the Senate today, with refusal by the chair to allow debate. It goes to the Assembly tomorrow. SHAME cannot be shouted loudly enough, and Wisconsin women stand to be silenced by their exclusion from this senseless big-government intervention into our doctor's offices. This is, quite literally in the case of vaginal ultrasounds, legislative rape.  Fortunately, the issue is getting some national attention, but the Republican majority seems bent on pushing through this pointless legislation that serves no purpose but to shame and demean Wisconsin women and obstruct their relationships with healthcare professionals.

Senator Mark Miller aptly summed up today's sick and sorry events:

“Senate Republicans committed two assaults today…one on the women of Wisconsin in “passing” the bill requiring women seeking abortions to obtain an ultrasound, and another on legislative process and tradition by shutting off debate after just two speakers. “This is another example of Republicans abusing their majority power to trample the rights of the minority including elected representatives.

“Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald, Senate President Ellis, and the Republican Senate majority conspired not only to limit debate, but also to violate Senate rules of procedure by suspending the rules without obtaining the super-majority consent required. The bill was referred to the Assembly in violation of Senate rules.

“Republican policies have put Wisconsin’s economic performance and economic prospects near the bottom of all states. Is the push to pass anti-abortion legislation and other oppressive conservative social policy the result of Republican realization that they will fail to deliver on their promise of job creation and economic development? Are they now reduced to satisfying their political base at all costs?

“You would think Republicans would have learned lessons about abuse of power given the unprecedented political division they created last session with voter ID, redistricting, and nearly eliminating bargaining rights for public employees. Today they once again abused political power, once again undermining whatever fragile trust was being rebuilt, once again undermining democracy.”
 If you can stomach the mind-blowing lack of reason used to justify this bill, watch the bill's sponsor, Mary Lazich, rant about how anecdotal evidence proves to her that Wisconsin women are moronic fools who need to be shamed and coerced into making medical decisions:

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  1. Senator Mary Lazich is a freakin' nut case. There are 100 people to testify that she's a freakin' nut case..and none of them will tell you they regret their "choice" to have an abortion. She really said twice, "they wish they never woulda dun it". Too stupid to use correct English and too stupid to be a Senator.